Today we went for a paddle with some of the folks at Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia on the Wallace River. We have not paddled this river before so we were just following along on the trip with the others. They decided to start it a bit further up river than they normally do. There was not a ton of water in the river so it was rough going. There were countless log jams and beaver dams too which required considerable time to portage around. After some time we finally started to gain on the river but we were far behind. For the sake of losing light, the group had to bail before the planned end where the cars were parked. Unfortunately the river was flowing very nicely where we pulled out to bail. Two of our group had no trouble catching a ride on the side of the road to go get a car. They then returned to drive us all to our cars. Besides the time crunch and the slow going for the first few hours of the trip we all had a great time paddling!