Had my two week checkup on Monday at the hospital. They removed my cast, then the stitches and cleans the foot a bit. I got a look at new x-rays that were taken on this day that show the hardware in my leg. I noticed that there were screws in my ankle and no hardware in my fibula shaft, which was clearly still broken. Only now did I fully understand what they did to my leg in surgery. I've been left out of the loop for the entire process so far and had though there was hardware in my fibula shaft too, but apparently not. The doctor came in and told me what the screws were for and why the fibula shaft did not need surgery. The break is separated and not aligned btw. I'm not a doctor so I'll take his word for it at this point, but I wouldn't mind a second opinion.

I left the hospital with a fancy boot this time. I can adjust it as I wish, pump air into it, release air, take it off to clean my foot and so forth. I also was lent an iWalk thing that replaces crutches. It supports the knee and offers a different way to get around but I can't seem to use it with this boot as the air pump thing takes up too much room. I seem to be efficient on the crutches. I can shower easily by sitting on a stool in the shower, and the pain is pretty much gone these days. I'm going to try to return to work this week.