Warning, it's curmudgeon time! The new "trail" at Long Lake Provincial Park is a pedestrian super highway. Wide enough in sections for to cars to pass. Wide enough for an entire school of children to hold hands. This pedestrian highway also has a shoulder of up to two meters at the widest of large rocks. This is no nature trail. It's build for large numbers of dog walkers to have vast spaces for dog shitting on. It's wide enough that dog shit can be avoided while walking. Expect that to change soon. There is very little canopy in much of. Vast amounts of trees have been cut from the edges of this trail. Probably just to allow dump trucks and excavators to get in there. DNR does to our forests what DFO does to our oceans. I'd be very grateful for this massive path of it were connected to the BLT Trail and the McIntosh Watershed Trails. Obviously by a normal Shubie sized walking trail though.