We knew there were many portages and lots of potential in the Tangier area for paddling. We looked at the map and saw some water from the road heading into the provincially protected wilderness area. We packed the car and headed there with the boat. After a very short paddle we came up to many rapids. We scouted, choose a route through and paddled them with ease.  It was a short paddle to the next section of rapids and we had to have a little thinking of this trip. These rapids we had to portage around, but there was no portage that we could find. We were just on a day trip. Paddle out, paddle back. But if I'm bushwhacking through this shit, and it was shitty shit of a walk, I don't want to come back! We glanced at the map and correlated Google Maps imagery with what was on the ground and came to the conclusion that it was just one section of rapids after another. We had another map that showed the portages and we saw that the nearest one was a little ways down the river past many rapids, and back up to the road from Sixth Lake. Good, we'll keep slogging down this and portage up to the road and walk back to the car. Easy way out! We paddled two sections of rapids, and portaged three I thing. The portages were all buchwhacking through deadfall, short six foot tall spruce and balsam, bouldery, wet, uneven ground. It was complete shit. L destroyed her pants. Eventually we came out on Sixth Lake, which had the portage to the road. We explored the lake. Paddled a small brook through low lying shrubs, and paddled to the outflow. The map shows a portage trail here, but we found nothing. We were going to explore down it if there was one. I guess it needs maintenance. Anyway, we paddled to the exit portage and headed to the road. We hid the boat and walked to our car 2.5 kms away then returned for the boat. Not the most enjoyable paddle as it was mostly walking, but a day on the water non the less.