late morning on the second day after my incident, I got the call from the hospital to return for surgery. I went in for prep. I was nervous  as I don't really know what is going to happen. I'm not even clear of my exact injuries. The Orthopaedic Department is very quiet. technically closed, and only available for emergency surgery. Change into hospital clothing, answer questions from the nurse, and anesthesiologist. Lots of waiting in an area of the hospital that seems deserted. Only six of eighteen operating rooms are active today. I eventually get taken into the operating room with big scary lights above, a large view of my leg in an x-ray I had not seen before showing how much worse the break was than I realized. IV, gas, and I wake up some time later on drugs.

I wake up in a very large post recovery room with three other patients who soon leave, leaving me and some nurses as the only inhabitants of the large room. More drugs, water, drugs, water. An hour or so later I get into a wheel chair and immediately get sick. I feel drunk, weak, and nauseous, but I get to go home to eat and sleep. The next day I'm in pain, but not sick. Strength had returned.

A day later I feel some chafing in my cast and I head into the hospital for adjustments. I talk to a surgeon  as he removes the cast to examine. I finally find out what they did to me. I have a screw and wire installed into the bottom of my tibia and plates, are screwed into my fibula. Three main incisions in my leg are various places as far as I can see. Lots of stitches everywhere. New cast is installed and I head home for rest and healing.

Life on crutches: I feel very lucky I can bend my knee, as that helps immensely with mobility doing tasks such as using the toilet.