I'm about 14 days in with this broken leg, and 12 days post surgery. Most of the pain has gone, and the drugs have been left in their container for several days now. The cast (number 3) feels heavy on my leg, but also loose. I think the swelling has gone down and perhaps the healing has begun. The bruise from my IV is gone, so I'll take that as a sign that bruising from surgery is also gone and the leg can now get on with repair. It still feels better to keep my leg elevated, but I can move around a bit more now without the pain of having my leg down.

The Internet is useless for legit info on having a broken leg. Questions like how long should the leg be elevated for? When can I move around? When is the pain going to stop? How long does the swelling last? When do I get my life back! The internet does not answer these. I found very few personal accounts from knowledgeable people. Mostly medical websites giving a timeline of healing, but with huge gaps. Useless.

Today I have my post-surgery appointment. I'll have x-rays done again today, the cast removed, leg inspected, and hopefully a boot or lighter cast installed. Stitches may be removed today too. It's a big day in the journey of Broken Leg. I hope to find more answers to some of my questions. I'd really like a lighter cast and to start going back to work. I work in an office, so I should be able to work sooner than later. As long as I can sit up without swelling returning.