On Sunday we visited Long Lake (East Uniacke) with my parents. Four of us paddled the west end of the lake. in and out of all the little coves and around many islands. For the first time my parents got to use their new canoe. The yellow Nova Craft Prospector. It's half theirs, half ours. L and I used the older Cumberland Canoe. It's old, but is in fine condition and paddles great on a lake. It has a keel so it paddles straight. It does not take long to get out of view of the crappy development, Cottage Country, although that may change in the future. We saw many birds, Kingfisher, black ducks, crows, Canada geese, and numerous song birds. We also saw one spotted sandpiper. We also saw a leech, and a Tim Hortons on an island. It was a beautiful day for a paddle on the lake. my parents had lots of fun. I think it was their fist paddle in a few years.