Summer Weekend of Cycling

Posted on June 10, 2018 in Cycling Mountain Biking

On Friday night co-workers and I all took out some Trek pedal-assist bikes for a good rip around the town. The trek Commuter Demo Tour was in town. We all had lights and the ability to hammer at 32km/h with ease. We went up Citadel Hill, did a couple loops, then to Argyle, and south to the tunnel under the railway. Finished by hammering up dude at super human speeds before heading to Chain Yard for some craft beer and cider.

This was a big weekend for me as I am still recovering from my ankle surgery from Christmas time. This is another test weekend to see how my ankle handles the riding. I'll know this week. Hopefully the pain is not bad and I don't get worse on the limping again, unlike two weeks ago.

Then a Weekend of Mountain Biking

On Saturday while Lyl was taking a skills course with the local mountain bike educators, I went for a short rip at Gore (Empire Trails) followed by a short rip at Irishman's Road in West Hants on my own, at my own speed (slow).

Sunday was a bigger day at Gore on the Empire Trails. I drove up with a buddy to meet some others. We had a small gang of about 6 of us there. Nothing crazy fast. Just a chill social ride. Definitely did some more kms on the trails than the day before.

The (Empire Trails) are some of the most fun trails in Nova Scotia for XC riding. The hills are not huge, but the downhill runs are short and fun. The trails are flowy with berms, and well made climbs. The trails twist through an old forest on the property of a dairy farm. Some trails being you out onto the fields, then back into the woods. If you are into mountain biking in Nova Scotia, this is one destination you need to check out. The trails have been developed over more than two decades and are only getting better.

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