Riding the George in Kentville

Posted on July 14, 2018 in Cycling Mountain Biking

On Saturday I went for my first road ride in a long long time. I'm still recovering from a nasty ankle/leg break that required surgery in December. Just starting to bike more and take it a step further. a common loop for me on the Road Bike is around the harbour. Waverley Road, Rocky Lake Road, and the Bedford Highway. You can see my Strava track here: https://www.strava.com/activit...

After that my ankle still felt ok so I went for another ride on Sunday. A ride at speed with the boys.

The George: Kentville, NS

The George is a mountain bike park in Kentville. Located on the side of a hill, it presents some nice elevation drop, a skills park, and good signage. Unfortunately, it's limited and rooty as hell. This is the site of the rare Atlantic Canadian appearances of one of the Canada Cup mountain bike events for 2018. check it out at http://www.kentvillecanadacup..... On August 4-5, 2018, Kentville is going to be a happening spot for mountain bike racing. Too bad I'll be in Saint John, NB for a concert. The Concert is going to be awesome, don't you worry. The entirety of the Canada Cup race is on the proper Gorge Trails. See it on Trail Forks here.

The Good Riding at the Gorge

We like to park at the Gorge, ride through it to the top, then exit the Gorge. Sadly, the best trails in Kentville are not sanctioned by the town of Kentville. We ride out the top, and over to P2, down to the Bird Sanctuary and do some loops before heading back to the Gorge to where we left the cars. We then proceed to a pub for food and beer. Or is it beer and food? P2 is all downhill, has flow, speed, and is not easy, but is a type of challenging that is fun. It has some jumps and berms if that's your thing. Once in the Bird Sanctuary the trails are all flat but have plenty of flow and just the right amount of twist. There are lots to ride with many options. After riding a couple loops in there we are usually good for the day and ready for a beer. I highly recommend riding in Kentville, but remember to bring somebody who can show you around.

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