Mountain Biking in Kentville, Kayaking in Lower Prospect, and Area 506

Posted on August 18, 2018 in Paddling Every Day Shenanigans Cycling Mountain Biking

Kayaking in Prospect in July

Mountain Biking in Kentville

One of the best mountain biking destinations in Nova Scotia is Kentville, and this year it's a bit more special, as it's the location of the rare Canada Cup that comes to Atlantic Canada once in many many years. We always park at the sanctioned trails called The Gorge. On this day we completed a lap of the Canada Cup course as it was marked for the race the next weekend. The Canada Cup course stays in the Gorge trails as they are the only sanctioned mountain biking trails in Kentville. After the lap, we head to the top, where we ride over the Phase 2. This is the best trail in Kentville. It's all downhill through an older forest, with lots of flow, but doesn't lack in roots. It's simply fun. From there we ride the flat Bird Sanctuary.

The riding is so good, we all went back the following day to ride it all over again, and it's over an hours drive to get there.

Area 506 in Saint John, NS and Birding

It's Canada Cup weekend in Kentville! But instead, I am in the city of Saint John for the Area 506 Music Festival. I'd rather be at the Canada Cup, in case you could not tell. It was a fun weekend full of drinking, and music. Not much else. Food was terrible until we found the Cask and Kettle Irish Gastropub for breakfast and beer.

On our way home on the holiday Monday, we stopped in Fundy National Park for an 8km hike along a river with a few waterfalls. After some lunch in Alma, we head to Mary's Point where the Shepody National Wildlife Area is. This is the location where millions of semipalmated plovers and semipalmated sandpipers roost and feed while on their great journey to the south during their migration.

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Mountain Biking in Kentville, Kayaking in Lower Prospect, and Area 506

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