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Posted on February 20, 2019 in Paddling Every Day Shenanigans Cycling Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in Hillsborough, NB

We moved to New Brunswick. Living in the Moncton area now. Moncton comes with some challenges and some benefits. The benefits are new mountain biking locations. Pretty much all of my mountain biking has been in Hillsborough, NB about 30 minutes from Moncton. The mountain biking is amazing. The trails offer everything from flow(Dynamite), smooth singletrack(Viagra, Whitehead) to technical(Porcupine, The Cut). My personal favourites are Viagra and Whitehead. The DH runs on these puppies are about 6 minutes. That's far more than most DH runs at home in Nova Scotia. The area is built on a hill so be prepared to work for each DH run you do. It's all XC riding anyway, with nothing extreme at all. No mandatory features. check them out if you want a full days worth of riding.

Ice Climbing

Rock climbing is not my strongest activity. I try it to spent time with the lady. Ice climbing is much easier in my opinion and we got out a few times on the ice. I went to a clinic for beginners in the Sussex area(Parlee Brook to be more precise) and had some fun but some weird pains held me back. A couple weeks later we went to NB Ice Fest on the Kennebeacasis River in Rothesay, NB. I had a different pair of boots and did much better there. Check out the photos.

Paddling Too

Lylia and I paddled the Herbert with a friend at one point, and I paddled the North Brance Lahave with Noah of Northern Scavengers. Check out the rapids we concured on the river!

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