Canada Day Weekend

Posted on July 01, 2018 in Paddling Every Day Shenanigans Cycling Mountain Biking

It's been a while since we(Former and I) used the Kayaks. They are simply not as comfortable as the canoe. With my back problems, I've mostly avoided them. This trip was no exception. We had to literally dist the kayaks off, remove the mouse nest and hose them off, inside and out. We have a new car and spent some time putting them on the roof as we had never had them on the roof before. They fit fine. We launched at Fishermans Cove in Eastern Passage at the public boat launch. It was a busy place, on such a hot and sunny day. The summer temperatures finally come to Halifax on this awesome weekend. We paddled up along McNabs towards Halifax, then stopped for a bite at the end.

Paddling was mostly painful. There were muscles in my legs that seemed to be working the entire time and were getting very very tired on our way back to the car. There was no way I was able to paddle all the way around the island. The legs would not accept. I need to get some help to figure out the correct exercises to do to strengthen those legs and get the correct flexibility.

We returned the kayaks to my parent's house and found some good company in the house. I floated around the pool, ate some burgers, then got the fire going. Good times to be had. Found a snake in the shed too. We showed the city guests the fireflies in the scrubs, which were a welcomed surprise for them.

Kayaking in the Harbour

Kayaking in the Harbour

Downtown Halifax from McNabs Road on McNabs Island

Photos of us Kayaking in the harbour.

Today on Canada Day we decided to go mountain biking with friends in Truro, a place we normally don't ride. The Rail Yard. I've raced here many times, but never just out for a ride. I've heard good things about the trails and they did not disappoint. Riding was good. Berms, wall rides, flowy trails, and to keep it interesting, some trails that can only be described as energy sucking like those of Jacks Lake. We did three hours of riding, over 30kms. Some trails were too wet and muddy, and we found a guy looking for his drunk brother. We later found the drunk guy, then I called the police to find and help him as his brother was unable to locate him, and we were unable to locate the brother. In my work with Halifax Search and Rescue, I know this is how searches start.

Wall ride at the Victoria Park Trails

Wall ride at the Victoria Park Trails

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