Baltee Island Canoe Camping

Posted on June 17, 2018 in Paddling

We departed from Tangier in the canoe and headed out to Baltee Island. There was a beach I wanted to see. We were going to paddle onto another beach for the night, but then we decided to stay there as it was beautiful and warm. We cracked open some beers and got a little fire going to cook some potatoes and mushrooms in. The trip over was full of large jellyfish with many tentacles. No great bird sights, except for one Yellow-rumped Warbler that was chilling near our campsite.

On our way back the wind was a bit gusty from the east so we stayed on the west side of a land mass and got out at a fish plant where we walked to the car.

Eastern Shore Islands Wilderness Area

We were paddling in what is know as the 100 Islands area. This is an area with about 400 small and large islands along Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore. The area had a healthy lobster fishery, and many paddling opportunities. The area has a very low human population density so most of the islands have remained untouched and pristine. There is an abundance of wildlife including many ducks, alcids, song birds, birds of prey, seals, whales, otters and more. Paddlers flock here to explore all the tiny inlets, coves, beaches, salt marshes and islands.

Seals from a previous trip to this area.

Seals from a previous trip to this area.

At one point a friend and co-worker decided to stay by for a visit. He was just doing a day trip on his own.

A colleague ho also happened by this day.

A colleague ho also happened by this day.

Baltee Island

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