2022 Has Wrapped. Here is a brief of our 2022 trip to Costa Rica.

Posted on January 14, 2023 in Travel

2022 Marked the second year with Cass and will be one to remember. The Winter of 2022 was slow but Cass and I managed to book a last-minute trip to Costa Rica for a week. Cass is a big traveller and has visited many fun and unique places around the world, and me less so. I look forward to travleing to many wonderful and interesting places with her. My travel has been a different style than hers. I usually travel for work or mountain biking almost exclusively. I've had the great privilege to mountain bike in Squamish BC, Moab UT, Bentonville AK, Quebec, Ontario, Indiana, New York and Sedona, AZ. With Cass at my side, Costa Rica was my first trip outside of the US and Canada.

But this is my first blog post in more than 3 years I think, and so much has happened. So many good times with friends, bikes, canoes and kayaks. A major change in who I choose to spend my life with being the biggest and most exciting change. Introducing Cass to Sporting Lake, flying to and driving back from Phoenix during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Driving to Tuscon then flying back, and doing tons and tons of mountain biking between there and here. But there is so much and I'm not going to go on about that. You can read about my trip to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica 2022

We spent a week together driving around all the regular tourist areas. Two days at each, La Fortuna, Monteverde, and Jaco. Our first day when we landed in San José we got an urban tour of the city's history and culture stopping with some delicious food. We had the craziest race car like driving in a Uber back to our hotel where we did get there safely. We drove to La Fortuna on the second day but not before stopping at a La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park to check out many animals, birds, and plants native to the region and also some very beautiful waterfalls.

Macow Flower

La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park

In La Fortuna, we got the most adorable accommodations. A cute little cabin on a small resort. The gardens were beautiful and exotic birds chirped every morning. In the mornings I walked down the road to a pond with the camera to capture the new to me birds. We checked out the Arenal Volcano and went ziplining at distances and heights I didn't think possible.

From La Fortuna we drove around a large lake to Monteverde, much of it on rough windy, dirt roads. Halfway around we stopped at a soda on the side of the road for a bite to eat. A soda is a small roadside diner often in somebodies house. For the cheapest meal yet, this was the biggest and most delicious of the entire trip! https://www.instagram.com/soda... . We arrived in Monteverde where we went on a guided night hike to look at animals that thrive in the night. The following day we went on a hike to a place whos name I cannot remember that had a large number of hanging or suspension bridges over and through the rainforest canopy. Many birds were photographed that day.

Our last stop in Costa Rica was the beach town of Jaco. We found a nice little hotel with a bar and pool right on the beach. We had a great room and were able to relax for two days drinking and swimming, but still finding some birds!

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2022 Has Wrapped. Here is a brief of our 2022 trip to Costa Rica.