Canoeing Through the Tobeatic in 2017

Fifth Lake Flowage in Weymouth, NS, Oakland Lake, Stony Ditch Lake, Sandy Beach Lake, Irving Lake, Lake Rossignol, Christopher Lakes.

Into the Tobeatic: 2015

Eel Weir in kejimkujik, Masons Cabin, Iriving Lake, House Lake, three Finger Lake, West Bingay Lake, Buckshot Lake, Sand Beach Lake, Granite Falls, Eel Weir in kejimkujik.

Over Six Weeks

A week without the cast and some weight on the leg

Almost at Six Weeks

Almost not broken after six weeks of healing

The Internet is Fucking Useless

No help for broken limb healing and dealing on the internet.

Two Weeks Post Surgery

Still broken, but I have a boot

Still Broken

Still broken and the internet sucks for legit and useful information.


Although delayed, I got the surgery.

Life With Crutches

Crutches are shitty, but necessary.

2017 Has not Been a Good Year

The year of many medical problems. Teeth problems, back problems, leg problems caused by back problems, problems I won't discuss here, then more leg problems unrelated to other problems.

Spring Vacation to St John's, NL

First Race of the Season in Nova Scotia

Wallace River Paddle

Paddled with the parents

Finally got out to paddle with my parents.

The New trails at Long Lake Provincial Park in Halifax

Summary: they suck.

Bicycle Saddles

Saddles are difficult to choose and buy