I'm on day two with crutches. I can't carry anything. I put on my pants only to carry around my cell phone in a pocket. I live up five flights of stairs. The banister is flimsy on one side, thin metal with nothing to hold onto on the other. At work my office is up one long flight of stairs. The microwave and fridge are down another long flight of stairs. I can no longer walk, bike or drive to work. I have not gone to work yet, but I hope to a few days after surgery. It's a relaxed office job so why not? I got up the stairs to my apartment around midnight when I got home from the hospital and I have not been down them since. I can easily get into chairs, on and off the bed, and so forth. The toilet is annoying, but possible. The shower has been a real challenge. I have used it once, by filling the tub a bit, then I kneel in front of the tub giving myself a sponge bath in the areas that matter and leaning forward to do my hair. I need a better tub solution, and YouTube has shown me some. Just need a chair in there I think, along with a way to keep my leg outside the tub as it's a no water zone. The boot tray has been moved, and the bath matt had to go completely. Don't want to slip on those with the crutc... Hospital called. Time for surgery. Bye.