We bought our new canoe last Fall and since then we have used it a fair bit. Our Winters here in nova Scotia are fairly mild so it allows for a long paddling season. In January we noticed that Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia was giving awards to people who could show that they paddled every month of the year. Since we paddled in October, November and December in 2015, why stop there. We decided we are going to get the award for 2016. In January we paddled to McNabs Island in the Halifax Harbour. In February we paddled in Terrance Bay for a short bit. The conditions were too windy so we called it quits early. It's still a paddle! Later on in February we paddled the Birch Cove Lakes canoe loop in Halifax. Normally conditions are too icy for lakes in February, but not this year. There was some ice, but not enough to stop us from hitting the water. Whitewater season started early this year so later this month we are going to paddling part of the Medway River for March! Lets hope we keep up the paddling all year long. Only nine months to go.