On my birthday we hit the Halifax canoe loop, know as the birch Cove Lakes. Much of it is inside the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area. A provincially protected track of land just outside of the city. The weather cooperated with us on this day. It was warm for February and recent rain and warm weather wiped out most of the ice on our lakes on the South shore or Nova Scotia. We completed the loop in 4 hours. It consists of about 10 portages through 8 lakes and is within the old Halifax City limits. There is plenty signs of people back there. Garbage, rocks piled on each others, campfire pits and so forth. Only at certain points in the loop can you see the nearby apartment buildings. For being in the city, it's bloody amazing. If you need a map of the area with all the portages and a UTM grid, get at me.