The year began by driving a tractor trailer again. It had been a couple years since I've had to do this, since I was working in film before hand, but our great Premier of Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil, single handily shut the industry down. Driving jobs involve long hours up to 16 hours a day driving, and making deliveries and so forth. The job is not terrible but I started to get pain in my leg while driving. By June it was unbearable and put me off work for several weeks as I tried to heal and do physio. My back, posture, height, core was the result. Meanwhile I was doing all this with braces in my mouth because I have a baby tooth the needs to be replaced. Then I went on a mountain biking trip that I had paid for many months earlier all all that compounded to screw me financially. I got a new job near home at a local bicycle shop that had reasonable hours, time for physio, walking, some biking, normalcy. 

Then, on boxing day I was carrying bags to the car when I slipped and fell. It didn't feel like the usual sprain or ankle twist. Something felt different, and I could not get up. A long wait at the local emergency room determined my fibula was broken in two places and they put a cast on and sent me to a more major hospital for surgery. After waiting for many hours there, I was told not to eat after midnight, and I'll be called to the hospital tomorrow or the next day for surgery. Luckily my family was there to help in all of this. From there we went to a drug store, got crutches and I went home to starve as it was near midnight. I did get a snack. The next day I am starving while waiting for a phone call. No calls yet. Around 3 PM I start calling all the hospital numbers to try to get hold of somebody who knows something. This was futile. I kept getting to the broken bone dept which was closed until a later date. I left a message somewhere else. The emergency room new nothing. It's about 3:30 PM and I'm starving so I eat food. Then at 4 somebody calls me to tell me I can eat until midnight, and we'll call you tomorrow. So now, it's tomorrow, and I'm starving again. Waiting for a call to go to surgery. Fun times.